She’s called June, she works at a small First School in Northumberland and ‘…she’s the most brilliant chef in the world’.

Not my words, the review of our next door neighbour describing her kid’s school dinners.

And it’s not her culinary talents that make her so brilliant. It’s her level of care.

One son doesn’t like beans, so she does a small pan of peas.

If it’s your birthday, she’ll bake a cake.

One snowy day, June walked 3 miles as she knew the school would close if they couldn’t provide a cooked lunch.

Does she need to? Of course not. I’m guessing your memory of school dinners involved two choices, like it or lump it. And speaking of lumps…

‘Well if I worked in a smaller school I would do that’, cries the cynical cook in a bigger school down the road.

‘If’ is one of the biggest barriers to brilliance.

If I had more time

If we had a bigger budget

If I were the boss

If only…

Waiting for if is like starting that diet… tomorrow.

Please don’t wait for if.

Be Brilliant – now!




  1. April 28th 2016 by Fairoz

    ‘If ‘ stops a lot of people. If only it wouldn’t 😀.

  2. April 28th 2016 by jim hetherton

    Love it Michael, As I always say half of LIFE is “if”, if only…. as you said in you blog, I had one guy say look at it another way, three quarters of LIFE is LIE, takes all sorts I guess, mind you he did work for an investment bank!

  3. April 30th 2016 by Karen Young

    If is up there with should, try and but for me.

    If only
    I’ll try…
    I should
    I would but…

    Think positively and just DO!

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