It’s not the snow that stops you

Every January and February I receive calls from my Mum begging me NOT to come and visit – because it MIGHT snow.

She’s frightened of the white stuff and thinks we should be too.

She hates snow. She wouldn’t even watch Frozen.

By November, she’s all set to worry her way through winter.

The truth is, it’s been years since we had any serious snow. Not like ‘when I were a lad and we had drifts the size of double-decker busses’.

Fear is a funny thing. It’s rarely what you think you are frightened of that causes the fear. It’s the consequence – real or usually imagined – that terrifies you.

That’s what stops you from doing so many things. 

Not challenging a colleague’s behaviour. What might they (and others) think of you afterwards?

Not trying something new. It’s embarrassing if you get it wrong.

Not picking up the phone. Getting your words mixed up on a call is awful (email removes the risk and creates a hiding place).

A fear of public speaking.  It’s the audience. Everyone’s a critic!

Of course the truth is very different from your mind games.

Challenge behaviour and you’re more often respected.

Trying something new will create more fun than terror.

Picking up the phone builds bonds.

Audiences are on your side – when you dare to stand up and speak

Here’s a challenge – do just one thing you’re scared of today.

Be Brilliant!




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