The moment of discovery is nothing compared to the discovery of the moment

Read that twice.

The moment of discovery feels great; that ‘aha’ flash is an adrenalin-fuelled fix.

But when’s the next one?

The next sale? A project completed? She said ‘yes’? Or another big moment?  You could be waiting for days, weeks, months or even years.

How about flipping it?

Discovering the Moment
can happen every day.

But (and this is the big but) you have to find it. And it takes a little effort. Not much but it’s still an action.

Looking for the good in people.

Telling your partner – every day – how much you love them.

Looking up and smiling when someone enters the room.

Appreciating the beauty of where you are – right now.

Go on, have a look around – you’ll find something beautiful.

Where else can you discover the moment?  Leave a comment below and I’ll send a copy of my book Flip It how to get the best out of everything to the person who shares my favourite idea.

Special Announcement

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I’m super excited about this event and really hope to see you there.

Be Brilliant!



  1. January 31st 2019 by Ed Kassell

    Thanks Michael for your ‘encouragement to discover the moment’. A ‘moment’ of inspiration this morning when I made myself take a step out of the morning madness in the workplace, which made me appreciate what an amazingly talented team I work in!

    Thanks again


  2. January 31st 2019 by Alistair

    Listen.. not to the distractions or hubbub all around but to the vitality of life that is driving it

  3. January 31st 2019 by Sian Knowles

    Look for the positive in every seemingly negative. It is there if you look for it, may not see it straight away, but it will be there.

  4. January 31st 2019 by Colette Wawman

    Love the idea of creating moments – a belated new year’s resolution now!

  5. January 31st 2019 by Jennifer Sangster

    – Take a 10 minute walk – down the street, in your place of work, around the shops, wherever you are and see what you can learn from someone or something

  6. January 31st 2019 by shane rigby

    When you achieved something today, that yesterday seemed impossible

  7. January 31st 2019 by Lloyd Burgess

    I monitor our Trustpilot results and when we get 5 star reviews i find out who personally contributed and send them thank you notes. Look for the good in people and you get more of it

  8. January 31st 2019 by Rachel Singleton

    Consistently saying ‘Thank You’ no matter how small the gesture.

    It could just be a “thank you for all your efforts today” at the end of the day.

    It could be to someone who holds a door for you.

    It might be that someone acknowledged a frustration you had.

    No matter what, a thank you goes a long way after all they didn’t have to, they chose to.

    They gave you a moment and by saying ‘Thank You’ you gave them one back.

  9. January 31st 2019 by Steve Merritt

    Marvel at the miracle, despite the chaos and distractions around, of the sun coming up every morning. Always there, always making a positive difference and never being thanked !

  10. January 31st 2019 by Karin Carruthers

    If you can appreciate even the smallest thing in life, imagine how you can feel about anything else! Mind blowing.

    Thank you for this email Michael, it is how I try to live my life daily, but to have someone remind you, helps to cement it into your culture!

  11. January 31st 2019 by Win Tadd

    In a shop this am the man in front of me had no bag and quite a lot of shopping, food on trays etc which would have been impossible for him to carry to his car. Also it wouldn’t have fitted into carrier bags. I had emptied my trolley and offered him it, also smiling. That small kindness resulted in him showing gratitude and made me feel good. So find opportunities to show kindness to strangers.

  12. January 31st 2019 by Paul Wilson

    That look on a child’s face when they realise their own potential. 🙂

  13. January 31st 2019 by Cheryl

    Take those few minutes every day to read with your children, or play a game or just talk….they grow up before we know and then we regret missing those magic moments

  14. January 31st 2019 by April

    Stopping to enjoy the aroma of your tea/coffee/food before you mindlessly take a swig or bite.

  15. January 31st 2019 by Sarah Edwards

    Great words to think and dwell on, going to start discovering my moment

  16. January 31st 2019 by Nichola

    Taking a minute to look at what you have achieved in your life instead of what you still need to or haven’t. You will probably surprise yourself!

  17. January 31st 2019 by Varadha

    Pause and be present in every moment to discover your moments!

  18. January 31st 2019 by Simon

    The moment after school when my children see me and break into a run. Big Hugs

  19. February 1st 2019 by Jacqui Laws

    Smile and give your best to every person you meet and leave a bit of sparkle behind, because you might be the only person who’s given them a smile today.

  20. February 1st 2019 by Dan Thomas

    It’s that moment each day when I step away just for a second or two to think about just how lucky I am. I have my wife and my children, I have a home, a car and a good job. A lot of those things can be hard to come by and can take years to achieve. I am very thankful and grateful for what I have and reading your email today has reminded me that I still enjoy discovering that moment everyday.

  21. February 4th 2019 by Maggie

    You’ve already stated it … looking up as someone approaches, and smiling … Not only do you see the beauty around the person approaching as well as the person themselves – but they suddenly feel beauty as well, because someone has smiled at them. This must be done every day without fail … so that it becomes automatic …

  22. February 17th 2019 by Catherine Hope

    When you can’t sleep and it’s 4am, instead of being upset that you can’t sleep, listen to the birds singing and remember how lucky you are to have woken up at all and to be able to hear the precious sounds of nature.

  23. February 20th 2019 by Jo Nuttall

    I teach teenagers, when a child isn’t meeting my expectations (often deliberately!) I imagine them as a baby – at that point they were curious about the world around them, they had infinite possibilities ahead of them, they didn’t know anything about trying or not trying and had no learned patterns of behaviour, poor or otherwise. That person is still inside and my job is to reach them.

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