Everyone knows that meditation, stilling the mind and getting into a deep relaxed state is good for you.

The problem is, it’s boring

Or at least it can be boring.

Even using visualisation techniques,

Such as imagining a slow-burning candle or a blossoming flower.

It can quickly lead to distraction.

Plus, what’s the point? It takes years to really reap the benefits of deep relaxation.

Or does it?

The Dalai Lama was asked how long it would take for noticeably life-changing effects to take place through meditation.

He replied, ‘Around 50 hours’.

Now that’s not much in the grand scheme of things. Twenty minutes a day, a few days a week and this time next year…. you’re enlightened! (only kidding enlightenists)

Or what if you did twenty minutes twice a day, every day? You will have experienced LIFE-CHANGING effects by this September.

Last week, I told you a little about my relaxation and mental programming audio series –White Island – and how my sales guru friend berated me for under-pricing it.

Well I’ve listened to his advice and I am increasing the price of White Island to £99

But not just yet.

It will go up at midnight on Friday 26th June – and the 50% off coupon will deactivate then, too.

So, if you’d like to learn how to relax (properly), have an amazing night’s sleep, programme your brilliant future

And start your 50 hours using a programme you know will keep you on track

Then you can own White Island and feel deep relaxation and positivity for just £14.99 by downloading your copy here before midnight on Friday, using the coupon code ‘RELAX50’.

Be Brilliant!


PS It really will go up to £99 at midnight so click on this link – take a look at the White Island page, watch the intro video, use the coupon code RELAX 50 and instantly start to remove the stress by experiencing White Island.

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