If you were asked this in a pub quiz the chances are you’d answer incorrectly.

Although the Bible is the most translated book. The most translated document is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It was created and published in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly.

And last week, for the first time, I read it.

We were staying in a hotel in Spain and rather than the usual Gideon Bible tucked in the bedside table this hotel offered their guests a copy of The Declaration.

Nice idea.

It’s an extraordinary document, which, considering it’s 75 years old, is as relevant (perhaps more relevant now) than ever.


Here are three of the Articles that jumped out to me. Mainly because I question how well we’re doing.

Article 12   No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with their privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon their honour and reputation

Article 18   Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Article 29.1   Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of their personality is possible.

If you like to read the whole document you can do so here.

I’d be interested to know which Articles made you think.

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  1. May 4th 2023 by Anne

    What a great idea for a copy to be made available to all to read, an expression of a world that would be amazing to be a part of. I think we have lost sight of many of the articles. Reading it has left me thinking of how well I measure up to it, and how I can be more aligned to it. 75years later we still have a lot to achieve.

  2. May 4th 2023 by David Palmer

    None of those three, believe it or not, are absolute. Which is why governments run roughshod over them. Especially now.

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