If you should happen to wander into Dick’s Last Resort be prepared for a less than conventional dining experience.

Chances are; as you walk through the door, Dick’s staff will ignore you, probably insult your dress sense, criticise your menu choices and slap food on the table.

You can also expect to be fully humiliated as you’re dressed in adult size bibs and cajoled into wearing ridiculous party hats.

And no matter how generous you may be, you’ll probably be greeted with ‘You call that a tip?’, when you round up the bill.

It’s irreverent, slightly seedy and brilliant fun!

And most importantly Dick’s Last Resort knows what they stand for.

Compare this to the numerous establishments who (without a hint of irony) claim to provide wonderful service only to fall way short of the mark.

Knowing what you stand for (and living by those values) is the very foundation for brilliant service.

Do you know what you and your organisation stand for? Most importantly, how do you intend to live it?

If you already know there are a few ideas here to help you.

Be Brilliant!



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