Last week I presented a Magic Monday LIVE on Tiny Triggers.

We all get triggered.

I can deal with the big stuff. It’s the little ones that needle.

Like cheese and onion crisps or bagpipes.

It’s weird that we/you/me let these small inconveniences affect our demeanor.

Like noisy eaters or dog poo.

And even though we know we should just ‘get over it’ it’s tough when you’re in that moment.

Like motorists not indicating or people not saying thank you.


The secret must be to reframe. You and I are as guilty as the next person for creating triggers for others.

Like whistling or saying ‘off of’ instead of just off.

So, why can’t we just accept that we’re all a little bit different and avoid the triggering?

Like people who don’t know the difference between their, they’re and there.


We’re coming to that time of year, where tiny triggers become magnified and sometimes seemingly trivial become gigantic.

The trick is to practice not reacting to the tiny triggers now, so when the big ones pop up you don’t react.

What are your tiny triggers? Please leave them below.

But, don’t you dare give me cheese and onion crisps for Christmas 😆.

Be Brilliant!



  1. December 7th 2023 by Audrey Macnaughton

    Ha! I laughed at the bagpipes – I love the shrill of the pipes as you can imagine. For me there are many but one is the expression “all I can do is apologise” – in my head I say “go on then” but don’t say it, I just grind my teeth!

  2. December 7th 2023 by Des Reynolds

    Could of instead of could’ve. could of makes absolutely no sense but people treat it as if it does

  3. December 7th 2023 by David Palmer

    Other drivers speeding. (When I spped it’s okay because I was trained.) I now rationalise that they are on heir way to see a dying relative in hospital, and time is precious. The number that are speeding is a reflection of the new hospital near me, ’cause there’s bloody thousands of grieving relatives on their way to say goodbye…..

  4. December 7th 2023 by Michelle C

    People who say “pacific” instead of “specific”

  5. December 7th 2023 by Roger Wilkinson

    Imconsiderate Parking: not within lines, not reversing into parking spaces, parking in disabled bays when not disabled, parking on pavements. The list is long!

  6. December 7th 2023 by Patrick Gallagher

    My tiny trigger is when people choose a sweet from the box of Roses(or celebrations or quality street, etc) and put the wrapper back into the box instead of throwing it away!

  7. December 7th 2023 by Liz

    “The trick is to practice not reacting to the tiny triggers now”
    So I shall now PRACTISE not reacting to this grammatical error.
    C when it’s a noun
    S when it’s a verb.
    Merry Christmas – love the weekly message

  8. December 7th 2023 by Potimarron

    People who chew with their mouths open (my parents trained me and my sister not to do this, and now I find it grates when I have to eat with people who do this. Such as my in-laws).

  9. December 7th 2023 by Jude

    A big one for me is when male colleagues refer to “the wife”. So disrespectful to me, and to their wife. Often I’ve taken the trouble to learn said partner’s name, I don’t need the impersonal and possessive reference, thanks.

  10. December 7th 2023 by Jane

    When the car park is empty, someone parks right next door and I can’t open the door or get my dogs out Why or why??? Also visited a website which said ‘we would love to here from you’ – they didn’t…..

  11. December 7th 2023 by DEE Diana Cosford

    LOVE the idea of a “Michael’s Tiny Trigger Muscle”…. to be toned & developed!!! (Love DEE x) but I am wondering if you’re doing a double bluff with the Cheese & Onion Crisps… that you might be secretly hoping for masses of boxes of them to arrive!!!???
    Love DEE (with emoji warm smile) xx

    1. December 7th 2023 by Michael Heppell

      Oh no. Please keep your C&O crisps. Thank you.

  12. December 7th 2023 by Sue Hudson

    I suffer from depression brought on by stress. Last week I discovered that one of the first signs or triggers is that I don’t want to watch TV.

  13. December 7th 2023 by suzi mason

    Americanisms! guys, awesome, butt.

    Also people who write posters or similar for public display without checking the grammar and spelling.

  14. December 7th 2023 by Charles Bonilla

    1. People who talk LOUDLY on the phone while riding public transportation
    2. People on public transportation who listen to music / watch videos and don’t wear ear buds
    3. Motorists who pretend to not see a pedestrian when approaching a STOP sign

  15. December 8th 2023 by Elaine Allen

    My husband’s is drivers who indicate right on a junction when they could have done it well before.
    Mine is sitting beside a driver with driver’s Tourette’s. 🙄

  16. December 10th 2023 by Holly Martinez

    The people who say, “You wouldn’t mind, would you” then put their plans on me. (like we are coming to Florida and staying with you for three weeks. You wouldn’t mind, would you. No question make more like an!!!!!

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