The journey from Newcastle to Edinburgh on the East Coast rail line is one of the most scenic in Britain.

But only if you sit on the right.

You still get a lovely view if you’re on the left – but right is where it’s at.

So why doesn’t everyone sit on the right?

As I write this, I’m on that very route onboard a lovely Virgin East Coast Train and I’m estimating 40% of passengers are sat on the left.

​​​And missing this.

North East Coast

You’re probably thinking you wouldn’t make that mistake.

But you do.

You miss opportunities every day.

The book on your shelf that grabbed your attention… but you still haven’t read.

The meeting that you must set up… but haven’t.

The bucket list trip to _____, which you will do….. one day.

The conversation you wish you’d had with that person… and now they’ve gone.

The experience you would have had, if you’d put your hand up volunteered.

If you should find yourself in a seat on the left, heading North towards Scotland at 125 miles per hour. Make the effort, stand up, move and enjoy the view.

Be Brilliant!


PS Durham Cathedral is on the right too.


  1. May 9th 2017 by Tracy

    Thought provoking and inspirational as ever. Thank you.

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