One year ago today I posted my most opened (and read) email. It was titled ‘Why 2015 won’t be your best year ever’.

Lots of the items on the must do list relied on you using a large helping of that good old will power to make a change.

The problem with will power is, it can be a pain the butt to summon up; especially at the times when you really need it.

That’s why Will Power’s lesser-known, but even more effective, cousin needs a little more exposure. Introducing Won’t Power.

Your 2016 will be defined as much by what you won’t do as what you will do.

So here’s a challenge – take a few minutes and make a list of 5 things you won’t be doing in 2016 – then get cracking on building that Won’t Power muscle.

Here are a few to get you started.

I won’t spend time with overly negative people

I won’t back down on something I believe in

I won’t use my phone/tablet/device when I should be listening

I won’t drink for 100/150/200 days in 2016

I won’t hold a grudge

I won’t keep eating once I am full

I won’t miss an opportunity to pay a compliment

I won’t procrastinate

Sometimes it’s a simple flip that makes the goal, action or way of life just that little easier.

Have a Brilliant 2016.



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