My easiest message

This is my easiest message of the year.  Its sole purpose is to wish you and your loved ones a peaceful, calm, caring, sharing, joyous, cosy, fun, gentle, merry and happy Christmas. I’ve made a short video for you. You can view it below and if you would like to leave a festive message for […][...]

Is this the best letter to Santa

My wonderful Godson Jack is bang in the middle of a most magical age.  Young enough to really believe, old enough to know what he wants. His mum and dad shared his letter to Santa, or as Jack calls him (as it’s a formal letter) St Nicholas.  I think it’s brilliant. Here you go:   To St Nicholas Please may […][...]

Magnifying Christmas

Christmas is a massive magnifying glass. Every niggle becomes a drama. Every special moment becomes a magic moment. Every delay will feel like an eternity. Every drink will be a large one. Why not? It’s Christmas! The Christmas Magnifier is great for the positive things but when it comes to the challenges …. ouch! You […][...]

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