What’s happening to customer service?

It was just 10ml. A teaspoon of fizz. A moment to shine! Made dull by a poor customer service experience.   Our small town has a beautifully refurbished hotel. Like many businesses, they didn’t think anything about spending £100k on the bar and yet 10p on training the staff who are working in it. This […][...]

The Ego has Landed

We were being driven to a venue for a tech set up and sound check on Monday night when Christine suddenly exclaimed, ‘Wow, look at that!’ I was searching for the Newcastle United team news and my head was buried in my mobile. If it wasn’t for Mrs H’s eagle eye I could have missed […][...]

How I would save UK Retail

On its knees! Amazon has killed our retailers! The high street is dying! The hyperbole is increasing daily and the solution is complex. But how about we start with this …. Retail Staff – instead of chatting to your mates – how about doing some selling and serving? Is it just me, or has the […][...]

How Good Service Becomes Brilliant

I was recently tagged in a Twitter post about customer service. Normally, it’s a reader having a rant and suggesting the culprits ‘check out @MichaelHeppell and get your staff trained’. They never do … but I’m honoured for the shout out. This particular tweet was about a simple but effective design in a hotel room to aid sleepy guests on the […][...]

The Enemy of Loyalty

‘Your desserts!’ The waiter placed our perfectly presented puddings in front of us with a flourish.  They looked amazing! So why did we refuse them and send them straight back untouched? We were already customers.  We were having a lovely dinner. The starters had been great. It’s just he’d missed one important thing… The main courses. However, […][...]

Thanks for the Business

Our local garden centre is like many independents. They charge a bit more, don’t always have the stock and it’s a bit scruffy and chaotic. But they are always happy to see you and thank you for choosing them over the national chain warehouse around the corner. That’s almost true. Well the first part of […][...]

What’s in a smile

From just a few weeks after birth, we demonstrate that we feel happy by smiling.  All through our lives and until our dying day we use the same process. People are even heard to comment that they’d like to die with a smile on their face. So take a look around.  If smiling is so […][...]

The World’s Rudest Restaurant

If you should happen to wander into Dick’s Last Resort be prepared for a less than conventional dining experience. Chances are; as you walk through the door, Dick’s staff will ignore you, probably insult your dress sense, criticise your menu choices and slap food on the table. You can also expect to be fully humiliated […][...]

Adam Stinks Of Tabs

If I didn’t have such a brilliant wife and business partner as Christine, my Trip Advisor review would have been the direct, gory and glorious… ‘Adam stinks of tabs’. In the end, I think I went with; ‘Good but could have been better’. The challenge was Adam did smell. Actually he stank. He stank of […][...]

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